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The speed that the web was adopted by the world coupled with its influence on their day-to-day lives simply meant that a large number of businesses were caught off guard. A growing variety of Singaporean companies are struggling to outshine their far more technologically savvy opponents via the unfamiliar internet marketing platform.

Who Benefitted the Most?
Firms that capitalized on digital marketing acquired the best benefit. They noticed a growing client base that showed active involvement on the web. Digital marketing has proven itself to be a highly effective instrument for companies. There have been cases where companies already on the brink of closing down managed to recover by using a well planned and well executed effort by a digital agency. An example of this is grocery titan Biradia.

Prior to spring of 2012, Biradia’s national reach and limited rivalry meant that they had a good advantage in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. In recent years, because of unforeseen circumstances, Biradia’s dominance in the market is rapidly going downhill.

As a result of the failure to achieve market dominance in the European and Asian markets, Biradia resorted to hiring a new Chief Executive Officer. With the appointing of any top executive, numerous practices and processes needed revision. This resulted in huge costs for Biradia and had an unwanted impact on its cash assets.

An additional obstruction is the understanding that local out-of-town shopping malls were losing their popularity. The largest challenge comes from the rise of competitors Quincy and Scarlett. These industry novices were more technologically savvy with innovative marketing and advertising ideas. They were able to raise their market stronghold by focusing on highly specialized segments of the industry. Regardless of whether a consumer was budget or quality aware, there was bound to be an appropriate store close by to meet his or her requirements. Due to its leadership standing and long time presence in the marketplace, Biradia was fortunate to be able to extend its edge by depending on these two – though not for very long. But the name recognition can just prevent failure, and it did’t save them from losing customer faithfulness. As Biradia’s declines were just increasing, financial backers began to regret sinking over half a billion dollars into the business in recent times.

More Was Needed than Just a Simple E-Commerce Store

During that time, Biradia’s online presence was limited to an e-commerce store. It was completely working and functional, but the changing competitive landscape meant that revolutionary changes to it was required; the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, who was a strong supporter of technology, was appointed just for this endeavor – to revamp and invigorate Biradia’s on-line presence. The brand revamp procedure started out with the creation of a central digital marketing team within Biradia. The objective was to standardize the many aspects that formed Biradia’s strategy in digital marketing to build a strong unified image. Nonetheless, an internal team wasn’t able to reach optimum outcomes spontaneously. A greater advantage could be brought about with the know how of a professional digital marketing agency in Singapore with web development capabilities.

Using Content Marketing to Boost the Revenue from their Website
content marketing strategy

Due to the usefulness of relying on digital media, budgets for traditional advertising were slashed over time and allocated there. A key objective was to boost profits from their online store. This was realized by using content marketing to increase online traffic and participation hence increasing sales figures. Within Biradia’s online store, there’s a “Selections” item in the main menu which brings visitors to “Biradia Selections”. The site includes food-related content such as common recipes, inspirational publications, and wellness-related posts that pertain to food.

With the arrival of this microsite, Biradia is effectively placing it as an informative portal site without the hard sell to visit its online store. The flow of information within the microsite to the online store was fluid and convenient thanks to the links scattered across the info. The smart manner in which this information website was designed cleverly associates Biradia with nutrition and a healthy way of life, thereby supercharging online profits with the proper audience. The essence of this approach capitalizes on the way consumers behave now: they are impatient and need fast, visible benefits. Biradia’s strategy offers simple convenience, minimizing the likelihood of customers being drawn away by other on-line grocery stores.

The snowball effect of social media in business meant that Biradia needed to play an active job or risk being insignificant. So in addition to the use of content marketing, Biradia used social media marketing into the mix which comprised networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google which were managed by their in-house team. Controlling their own official social media reports allows Biradia to use them in two manners. To start with, it functions as another avenue for promotion and communication with their customers. They went as far as to create unique Twitter accounts for each of their departments. Additionally, unique profiles were in place for a number of subdivisions like latest deals, bottled refreshments, wines and so on.

The second way is that Biradia can maintain greater influence over its brand image on the web. A disgruntled customer or perhaps a competitor could quite effortlessly harm a firm’s social media credibility by creating a fake page. With absolutely no influence or power over these accounts, it would be effortless for an external party to hurt the reputation of the business in question. This is a situation that an in-house social media agency would never allow. With information coming straight from the official source, Biradia will not need to be concerned about what exactly is being disseminated online.

Customer care is crucial in reinforcing customer relationships. The public’s overall impression can very well be enormously influenced via the quality of their customer service division. Biradia’s is an excellent illustration of what to imitate. To help keep things neat and straightforward, Biradia created numerous social networking accounts across several social networks, each with a different purpose. There was one account especially to respond to customer questions and responses and another to disseminate useful info including offers and promos. At the end of the day, customers of any company want to feel valued; the first step to accomplishing this is to have a “live” man talking to them and handling their difficulties, rather than scripted answers which farther distance the business and its customers. A friendly manner brings style to a brand and fosters a feel good experience – prompting potential future sales.

Biradia is currently reaping the benefits of an extremely successful digital marketing strategy by controlling the largest section of the grocery market business. Based on data compiled by a number of data sites in May last year, Biradia holds approximately 28.5 percent of the share of the market. This is almost double the market share of the next largest business, which only holds 9.4%. Such results would definitely spur Biradia to build on its success and further improve its strategy in internet marketing to capture a larger portion of the market. With the inclusion of a new smartphone app, engagement between firm and consumer can be raised even beyond the typical means such as website design and development.

In Summary
There are actually a lot of takeaways in Biradia’s case. First is that tenure and existing foothold is not a given in the digital age. Due to the introduction of digital media and social media marketing, new firms that happen to be knowledgeable in these areas can unexpectedly snatch away market share from the bigger companies. More notably, each business must keep up with the times. Having an internet presence is not any longer optional, but has become essential to a company’ success. It has grown into a fundamental prerequisite which plays such prominent role that it could decide the success or failure of a business.

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