With Social Media, Marketing is Now a Completely Different Ball Game

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The rate that the world wide web was adopted by the world coupled by its effect on their lives basically meant that many businesses were caught off guard. A growing variety of Singaporean firms are struggling to outperform their more technologically savvy rivals through the unfamiliar online marketing platform.

Larger firms with deep rooted promotion procedures are generally more hesitant in embracing the shift to digital mediums. There was actually a case a while back involving one of such corporations that had been making a loss on an hourly basis. It really is good to understand though that they explored their online marketing alternatives to prevent having to fold. This company is none apart from Roebury.

Issues Started to Crop Up Towards the End of 2011
Roebury was a key player in the retail and Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry; this marketplace dominance allowed Roebury to be profitable. There was a Roebury store in nearly every street, and had little competition with the exact same reach and size. But when Nov 2011 rolled around, Roebury realized that it was fighting due to a number of reasons.

A new Chief Executive Officer was named when the old Chief Executive tried and failed to introduce Roebury into international markets. New Chief Executive Officers usually results in fresh ideas, new methods of accomplishing things – and he did just that, to the point of giving Roebury an extensive overhaul. The corporate remodeling raked up some large expenses that jeopardized Roebury’s financial standing.

Furthermore, the phony belief that out-of-town shopping areas were losing appeal came into play. Though a decrease in visitor traffic would definitely trouble the supermarket chain, it was Intigma and Aceptive that became its largest nightmare. These newly established retailers are savvy with newer marketing venues. They were able to increase their market stronghold by focusing on highly specialized segments of the business. Individuals who are on a budget head to the German discounters Intigma while people who prefer premium quality brands proceeded to Aceptive.

Roebury’s advantages at that point comprise physical presence and brand equity. Unfortunately, these inherent worth inevitably failed to prevent falls in revenue and investments. By year 2012, Roebury’s revenue had gone down by 10% and their high profile investors freely admitted that their 9.2% investment in the market chain was a “huge error” which resulted in them over $333m in a year’s time.


Before the execution of a campaign in digital marketing, Roebury’s online reach was limited to a fundamental e-commerce website. Despite being functional, a lot more was required – the company was in pressing of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, and the new CEO, being well-versed in technology, was made to picture, drive and execute this strategy for Roebury’s survival. Roebury’s idea was to tap on the know-how of a marketing agency with digital capabilities to enlarge their online interests. Future partners were carefully studied just before a selection was made. The preferred agency possessed the abilities to help with all of Roebury’s requirements.

The Pressing Need to Deliver More with Less
In the era of intensifying competition and budget cuts, companies were demanded to produce more with significantly less. This fundamental shift driven Roebury to critically assess its options and it finally chose content marketing, betting on it to help deliver the results. Content marketing, in the context of Roebury’s online store, was the development of a mini site titled “Roebury Suggestions” that consumers could browse to from the online store. It was dedicated to promoting healthy living through a balanced diet along with other wholesome aspects.

The informative microsite proves that the new Roebury direction places an emphasis on quality website design and development because it by itself can exist as a valuable online resource for folks shopping around for food. As it’s associated with Roebury branding, it helps promote faith in the brand while discreetly convincing users to shop more at their online supermarket. Consumers are likelier to visit the joined site as opposed to heading to another online retailer during their time on Reobury Suggestions.

Roebury’s Entry into Social Media
In addition to the microsite, Roebury implemented another tool within its digital marketing campaign: social media marketing. As a result of the massive scale of the company, Roebury didn’t have to hire a specialized marketing agency specializing in social media. To kick off the campaign they created their own accounts on websites that include Facebook and Google .

Having their own official social media accounts allows Roebury to use them in two different ways. To begin with, it acts as an avenue to spread worthwhile information including promotions to the objective consumers. A purpose-built Twitter handle was even established for the individual business units. Distinct accounts were created to spread info on special deals, canned food, wines et cetera.

Next, they are able to better affect their online brand image. It’s all too common for many companies to lose on this earth because a random customer (or worse, a challenger) confirmed a social media presence in their name. With zero influence or power over these accounts, it’d be easy for an external party to tarnish the image of the firm in question. With an in house social media department, all info would be completely checked and controlled. Roebury will never need to cope with this issue as all official brand info is only going to come through online channels they control.

Whilst sales amounts are the main driver behind an organization like Roebury, another vital but understated brand enriching component is after sales service. Responding to customer concerns and working collectively to solve the problem is a fundamental part of increasing brand loyalty thus securing repeat purchases. Roebury is an excellent demonstration of this. To establish this, Roebury created a really specialized social networking profile to manage and resolve customer grievances. There would be an account set up to receive and handle responses, while another would be designated as a communication channel for the most up-to-date promotions. This clear demarcation of purposes means that customers get the type of information they exactly desire.

Irrespective of the business, its customers would definitely choose to speak to real person, than to navigate through a web of automated responses only to have their issues unsolved. A pleasant temperament brings style to a brand and nurtures a feel good experience – prompting potential future sales.

real person

The Chief Executive’s efforts worked like a charm; according to various sources, Roebury now controls a market share of around 29%, nearly 14 percentage points in front of the next closest competition. This distinct change in the business direction was warmly welcomed by the management, the board and investors alike. With its new strategy in digital marketing, Roebury’s future seems to a prosperous one. The internal development team are constantly pushing out cellular apps which will extend Roebury’s reach to more individuals. These programs should help them achieve an even wider demographic outside of traditional design and development of a website .

In Summary
Roebury’s situation allows us to learn a number of crucial lessons. To begin with, it is not possible to be entirely reassured of your position within an industry, notably in the digital era. Digital and social media marketing has flattened the arena to the point where new startups can snatch away the customers of a market giant that’s been complacent with its place. If the deficiency of an internet presence can do such damage to a big, well-known company like Roebury, envision the consequences it would have on companies of a smaller size. Digital media is no longer a crutch as it may have been in yesteryears – it’s an important tactic towards business expansion and accomplishment.

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