The Importance of Customer Support in Growing a Business

The majority of businesses didn’t anticipate the world wide web’s influence on individuals. The chasm gradually widens as the net is used to acquire information and goods in a more effective fashion. In a way, these firms are handicapped thus not able to expand their influence to keep any competitive advantage they may now hold.

Conversely, some firms that were swayed to embrace digital media stood to receive great results. Their user base expanded, and consisted loyal customers more compelled to supply repeat business. These companies understood that digital marketing was extremely efficient and kept it as a valuable weapon within their arsenal. There are instances in which failing businesses have been saved from closure through a comprehensive and adeptly planned effort deftly executed by a digital agency. One particular case is with the multi-national supermarket chain Qiaris.

Just before The turn of the century, Qiaris’s national reach and small competition meant that they had a stronghold in the FMCG industry. Recently, as a result of unforeseen conditions, Qiaris’s dominance in the marketplace is decreasing fast. The hiring and its related costs of hiring a new CEO was the first issue. The previous CEO, failing to capture the Thai and Vietnames marketplaces effectively, was dismissed and replaced by the new one.

The Entry of 2 Aggressive Competitors
In Singapore, sub urban shopping centers where Qiaris stores were usually located, were also becoming less popular. Although less visitor traffic would undoubtedly trouble the supermarket chain, it was Cynor and Tyebridge that became its largest nightmare. These industry newcomers happened to be more digitally savvy with fresh new marketing and advertising strategies. They were able to increase their market stronghold by aiming for highly specialized segments of the business. American owned Cynor attracted the cost aware group of customers whilst the brand aware crowd were mostly brought towards Teybridge.

Changes in general the way consumers behaved also meant that price points trumped repeat purchases resulting from brand faithfulness. Qiaris’s strong reputation was threatened – triggering chaos between their high profile shareholders. A noticeable decline of a tenth in earnings caused huge alarm within the firm. The newly engaged Chief Executive Officer believed firmly in tapping on technology to improve a business; that was the primary reason why he was hired. Despite having a fully functioning online store in place, they needed to step up their game.

Internalizing Marketing Duties 

internal marketing team

The new CEO started the rejuvenation process by creating an internal internet marketing division. The aim was to ensure that all elements of Qiaris’s strategy in online marketing were synchronized, standardized and augmented. However, an internal team was not able to attain optimum outcomes that effectively. A greater leverage could be put into motion with the know how of a competent marketing agency with digital capabilities.

Internet marketing approaches were discovered to be more advantageous as time went by because of its performance and low cost, hence budgets began being channeled there from the conventional marketing and advertising resources. A key objective was to improve profits from their on-line store. Using this strategy, Qiaris hoped to bring more web traffic to its shop, hence increasing its sales and profitability.

Content marketing, in the circumstance of Qiaris’s online store, was the creation of a sub-site titled “Qiaris Meals” that consumers could browse to from the online store. This tab brings them to “Qiaris Meals”, which is a website devoted to sharing some rather exclusive information: tasty recipes and motivational articles to publicize nutritious eating. The strategic positioning of this microsite as an independent source of handy health information is a brilliant move. Also, it acts as a gateway to Qiaris’s e-commerce shop. By not having any sales pitch on the microsite, it can help to deliver a message that Qiaris really wants its shoppers to live and eat healthily. The core of this approach taps on consumer behavior now: they are impatient and need fast, visible effects. Because Qiaris has made it so effortless for people to purchase from it, it’s essentially idiot proof for even the least digitally savvy of people.

Another element that was used in their overall plan was social media marketing. As the business was big enough, they did not need the assistance of a third party marketing agency specializing in social media. To kickstart the campaign they signed up for their very own official accounts on sites like Instagram and Facebook. Being in full control over their social media reports enables Qiaris to supply prompt updates of its latest offerings. In this fashion, customers always get the latest info on the exciting in-store promotions.

Since Qiaris controlled the social media reports, it’d have the ability to apply its control over the accuracy of tips. Competitors could readily and discreetly create a bogus account to propagate negative info about Qiaris and misrepresent its products. By having their own official pages, Qiaris could easily discredit the legitimacy of these fraudulent pages and provide exact, dependable advice.

Placing a Strong Emphasis on Customer Support
Whilst sales numbers are the primary driver behind a company like Qiaris, another critical but understated brand accentuating element is after sales service. Reacting to customer concerns and working collectively to solve the problem is an essential part of improving brand loyalty thus securing repeat purchases. With digital media, Qiaris performs remarkably in this area.

By establishing several social networking profiles to take care of different areas of the operation, Qiaris removes the bureaucratic walls between customer and company. For example, there was an account created for customer support (designed to take care of support associated issues only) and another for sales (featuring the newest products and promotions).

Essentially, personalized and direct responses to queries make customers feel really looked after. This starts by growing a team that deals with customers on a personal level, responding to their questions and solving problems in a warm and pleasant manner. This will, certainly, bring the customers nearer and entice them to spend more down the road.

Qiaris is currently reaping the benefits of a highly effective digital marketing strategy by commanding the biggest section of the grocery store market business. With reference to data from multiple sources, Qiaris now commands about a third of the marketplace. This is nearly double the share of the next biggest grocery store corporation that currently commands less than a fifth.

market share

What’s the Future like for Qiaris?
With its new strategy in digital marketing, Qiaris’s future appears to a prosperous one. With the development of more online content and even mobile uses, Qiaris’s commitment to technology is their secret formula for success. This is a lot more than what conventional website design and development can expect to achieve. We’re left with quite a few crucial lessons from the Qiaris example. To begin with, it’s not possible to be completely reassured of your position in a industry, especially in the digital era. Every participant in the marketplace can use a variety of online marketing techniques to extend its reach and compete head-on with giants on an equal stage.

If the lack of an internet presence can have such adverse effects on a large, well-known business like Qiaris, envision the repercussions it would have on companies of a smaller size. To remain competitive, businesses need digital media to only survive in the cutthroat industries they are running in.

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